mardi 19 juin 2012

Choosing flash cards application

After 8 months in Korea at last I’ve decided to start learning language. I’ve got Korean language textbook which I bought as soon as I came here. With my colleague we arranged language exchange lessons. English for Korean. So the time for learning words came.
I the very beginning of my life here I bought paper flip-cards to learn alphabet. This time I’ve decided to be more technological and use iPad and iPhone. Surely there are lots of flip card sets on the Internet but they are just abstract flip cards: korean numbers, colors, verbs etc. I needed special sets of flip cards linked to the lessons in my textbook. So there appeared necessity for creation of flip cards. For this activity iPad with its onscreen keyboard was perfect. And for word learning I planned to use iPhone. And final procedure for learning became:
  1. Create flip cards for the lesson on iPad
  2. Export it somewhere
  3. Import them on iPhone
  4. Learn words