dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Building OpenFOAM on OS X. Update.

As I've got tired of struggling with Blogger (funny layout, lack of ability to markup posts in Markdown, rather inconvenient commenting) I've decided to move patches repository to Github. So all questions and bugs can be filed there. Installation guides can be found in wiki.

Since last post I've added the following things:

  1. Added patches for 2.1.x versions.
  2. Finally I've got a fresh OS X 10.9 installation and found out there's no gdb, so I've added lldb support to addr2line_mac.py. Also cleaned code a bit so it passes pylint without complains.
  3. Changed paraview from alias to function so now paraFoam doesn't complain about unknown command.
  4. Corrected sed patterns in Alltest file from tutorials folder.
  5. Added a sample file for environment setup.
As finally I was able to pass human test on openfoamwiki.net, maybe installation guides there should be also updated.