samedi 13 juillet 2013

Fun with buoyantBosinesqFoam

This simulation was a part of seminar at IJL to show the capabilities of raw
OpenFOAM simulating flow of incompressible heat conducting fluid. So imagine
we'd like to simulate "cooler" - bended partly adiabatic tube part of which is
imposed to winter street:

Mesh will have 4 patches: inlet, outlet, adiabatic part (inside
a room), cooler part (outside a room). At the inlet we'll have a liquid with
constant velocity and temperature. Adiabatic part has non-slip BC for velocity
and zero-gradient for temperature. At the outlet we'll have zero-gradient for
velicity and temperature. Final graded version of the mesh is shown below.

And finally after running buoyantBossinesqFoam we'll get following movie of
themperature evolution inside the tube. And it'd be better to make outside
part coil.

Case files for the problem can be found on Bitbucket.